About Happy People Learning Centre

Happy People Learning Centre is the only construction training centre in the UK helping builders get their skills assessed and earn their CSCS Cards 100% Online.

Happy People Learning Centre makes online training, assessment and testing in the Construction Industry possible.

Whether you live in London or Wales, Devon or in a foreign country and looking to move to the UK, we are ready to help you get certified in the field you are most skilled in and advance your career.

Our motto is “All has changed!” and this is what 2020 has proved. The world as we knew it and our lives changed without any warning. However, change brings new opportunities and right now we are reinventing the way construction training, assessment and testing is conducted, moving everything ONLINE.

We started this project with 2 questions in mind: “What if we could change it all? “, “What if we could securely move not only training but also testing and assessment online? “So we did.

We used the COVID-19 lockdown experience to create a digital solution for anyone who has the right skills and drive, and who wants to work in the construction industry in the UK. As classroom delivery and site visits for NVQ assessments stopped for almost 3 months, we started developing and receiving accreditation for a new training, assessment and CSCS testing online solution with live trainers and assessors.

No matter the circumstances, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to showcase their skills and get the CSCS Card they deserve.

Our Team

There are a lot of things that make us DIFFERENT. We’re born and raised in different countries, we speak different languages, we listen to different music; however, we still believe in the same things and have the same goals: to make the impossible possible, to teach in a fun and friendly way and help construction workers make the most out of their careers - all with a smile on our face. So come and meet us!

Cristina Irimie, founder of HPLC

Cristina is an experienced Business Coordinator who, since she relocated to London 21 years ago, has been active in various industries. Entrepreneurial and passionate about her roots, she has long been known in London, Brussells and Bucharest as a voice of European migrants working in the UK.

Founding Happy People Learning Centre marked another milestone in her career as she managed, along with her incredible team, to change the way learning, development and assessment in the construction industry is done. Most recently, the centre launched its unique online assessment platform, Hyperbuilder, making it the only centre in the UK approved to deliver the GQA CSCS Labourer Card 100% online.

Horea Irimie, Lead Trainer and Assessor

Horea is a young trainer and assessor with a wealth of experience in the construction industry. Having developed unique and new approaches to training and assessment, we are all proud to say that he certified over 3500 new builders by the time he turned 32. With a background in civil engineering and site management, Horea assesses and inspires new generations of builders on iconic London sites, never ceasing to find and use innovative ways to bring qualifications closer to builders of all ages and nationalities.