50 hrs CPD Certification on Business Growth Development

This certification is specifically designed for business owners in the construction and property development industry. If you want to take your business to the next level but don't yet know how to make that change, this certification will guide your though the most crucial steps. This business growth system is one of the most dynamic and effective business development programs available today. You will learn how to apply some of the most effective growth strategies available in today’s business world to your business.

Workshop modules

Start With The End In Mind – Setting your Future

Learn how to get your team enrolled, engaged and contributing, plus the most powerful but underused management and leadership tool available to you right now. You’ll learn how to build a business in the construction industry, from the foundations up starting with the culture of a winning construction company.

Self-Leadership and Management

To lead and manage others you must learn how to lead, manage and motivate yourself using self-awreness, self-efficacy and self-confidence. Individuals in leadership positions should recognise a need to develop and improve, and most will realise a gap exists between where they are now and where they would like to be.

Business Finance Made Simple

Management of finances can make or break a construction company. Learn how to ask better questions of your accountant and bank manager by understanding how to interpret your full accounts including key construction industry specific metrics and deal analysis. We will develop a Financial Dashboard through KPI’s and ratios so you can spot challenges, recognise opportunities and make informed decisions through your numbers.

Creating a High-Performance Team

Every growing construction company will need more people eventually, whether permanent staff or trusted sub-contractors, so creating a high performance team is critical to your company’s continued success and growth. It starts with great leadership creating rhythm in the business and influencing stakeholders. We will look at motivation, performance, target setting, defining roles, rules and responsibilities, and all the keys to a winning team.

Goal Setting & Defining

Whether it is completing a shop fitting on budget or growing your construction business to £10m annual turnover we need clearly defined goals and plans to achieve them. We have developed a unique process and system that will allow you to leave with a clear understanding and easy to implement process and system of achieving your goals, on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, ensuring high performance and balance every single day. Benefit from renewed energy, vision, and focus. You will have a ready-to-implement plan for the next week, month, and year with a detailed 90-day plan so you can get your personal & professional goals moving in the right direction.

Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

On an individual basis we are your partner in achieving your business, career and personal goals; your mentor in improved communication, self-management and personal effectiveness, leadership and management; a pivotal factor to ensuring you achieve the right balance in your business; a sounding board when making difficult decisions; a motivator when strong actions are called for and your unconditional support when things get tough. We are your biggest fan, cheering you on every step of the way; a beacon of light during the dark times; your wake-up call when you need one the most; your inspiration and energy when things get tough. This is high-level professional coaching, helping you, supporting you and guiding you to ensure you build the business you want, reach your business hopes, dreams, aspirations and achieve your goals.


  • Fully Online (live Training Sessions)
  • Lifetime access to online training portal and workshops
  • Fully Personalised 12-month Business Development Plan
  • Access to several closed Social Media Networking Groups
  • Learn, develop and understand exactly how to measure your profitability
  • Get back time to build the business not work in the business
  • Learn Business Building Skills and Leadership Development
  • Learn to unlock your true business potential

If you are in the construction or property development industry you could qualify for the fully funded CITB Skills & Training Fund, therefore the certification comes at NO cost to you at all.

Qualification options

With CITB registration

• Any company who has a CITB registered levy number qualifies for this funding automatically
• Electrical and plumbing are not covered as they are ECITB

Without CITB registration

• Any Construction based company of any size (electrical and plumbing are not covered), however if they also offer a mix of mutitrades they would possibly get funding
• They must have at least one employee or use subcontractors and 60% of their business is onsite locations (see full list of trades attached)
• We would then apply for their CITB levy Number on there behalf, once they receive their CITB number we can apply for the funding

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