Fire Marshal Online Training Course

ROSPA and CPD Approved

Du to the Regulatory Reform ( Fire Safety) Order 2005, employers must provide training in fire awareness for all members of their staff.

This interactive online fire safety training assists you in identifying and reducing the risk that fire presents in your workplace.

This course provides extensive knowledge of fire prevention, evacuation protocol and using fire extinguishers.

Who Should Take This Course?

Fire marshals (sometimes known as fire wardens) are civilians trained to assist in emergency fire evacuation procedures at businesses and other organizations. It is a legal obligation that workplaces must have a sufficient number of fire marshals to deal with fire emergencies. This course is for anybody who is or wishes to become a named fire marshal in their workplace.


On successful completion of the course you will be able to download a quality assured certificate .

This can be used to provide evidence for compliance and audit. The certificate displays the ROSPA and CPD logos.

The Fire Marshal course certificate does not have an expiry date. The recommended renewal period for this training is 1 year. This is printed on your certificate.

Fire Marshal online course overview


The online Fire marshal course offers in depth knowledge of fire prevention, evacuation protocol and using fire extinguishers. In the course you will learn amongst other: the causes of fire, how to use fire extinguishers, what the safety features in buildings are, fire drills and evacuations, what are fire risk assessments and what the role of the Fire marshal.

The Online course has 16 modules and takes on average 4 hours to complete.

Fire Marshal Course Modules

Module Number Module Name Pass % Required
1 Chemistry of Fire 70
2 Common Causes of Fire 70
3 Basic Safety Features in Buildings 70
4 Introduction to Fire Extinguishers 70
5 What to do in Cases of Fire? 70
6 Fire Statistics 70
7 Current Fire Safety Legislation 70
8 Fire Risk Assessment 70
9 Preventative Measures 70
10 Safety Features within Buildings 70
11 Role of the Fire Marshal 70
12 Action on Fire Discovery 70
13 Fire Drills and Evacuation 70
14 Fire Extinguishers 70
15 Pre-Engagement Action 70
16 Using a Fire Extinguisher 100



The online assessment is taken on completion of each training module, through several multiple-choice questions. You are required to get 70% on the tests in modules 1-15 and 100% on the test in module 16 to pass the course.

You can review all the answers before final submission and are given 3 attempts to achieve the required result.

The answers are marked automatically so you will instantly know whether you have passed. In the unlikely event that don't pass don't worry! You can call us and we will offer you 3 FREE Re-tests.